3D-Chain Community Rewards Program

Pre-Sale: 1st round

The 3D-Chain token sale is one of a kind ...

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Community Rewards Program

The first round should run for THREE WEEKS (From: September 1st, 2018), demand depending.
Earn up to 200 3xD tokens + 20 3xD tokens per each referral.

The underlying principle is that strong communities produce strong token. Our goal is to reach a large community of 3xD.

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How to participate in 3D-Chain Community Rewards Program


    - Existing Airdrop participants (Class-A and Class-B) are already registered and should not fill out the form again.
    - Referral program is open to all participants. Share your email address that you used to sign up on 3D-Chain website with your community to earn up to 20, 3xD tokens per referral.
    - The first round of 3xD token distribution will start in November. In the first round, up to %50 of the 3xD token that you earned via signing up and referral will be distributed.



    Post the following message on 3D-Chain’s BitcoinTalk page
      3D-Chain’s Community Rewards Program is ON. Visit: http://3dchain.io/ico.html for more information.